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Kyunghwan Oh



Institute of Physics and Applied Physics, Department of Physics,

Yonsei University 134 Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, South Korea

Tel: +82-2-2123-5608   Fax: +82-2-365-7657   E-mail: koh@yonsei.ac.kr


Date of birth: September 9, 1963













Physics-Fiber optics,

Brown University,




"Spectroscopic studies of rare earth doped fibers and their applications in optical amplifiers, fiber lasers and gas  sensors" under the supervision of Prof. T. F. Morse, in Division of Engineering, Brown  University.





Brown University,




Physics-Solid state physics,

Seoul National University,





Seoul National University,













2009. 9 ~ Present


Institute of Physics and Applied Physics, Yonsei University, South Korea.


2006. 9 ~ 2009. 8

Associate professor,

Institute of Physics and Applied Physics, Yonsei University, South Korea.


2005.10 ~ 2006. 8


Department of Information and Communications, GIST, South Korea.


2000.10 ~ 2005. 9

Associate  professor,

Department of information and communications, GIST, South Korea.


2004. 6 ~ 2004. 9,

2004.12 ~ 2005. 2

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow,

Institute for Physical High Technology, Fraunhofer Institute, Jena, Germany.


2004. 1 ~ 2004. 3

JSPS Invitation Fellow, doing research in fiber sensor and sensor system,

Department of Electrical Engineering, The university of Tokyo, Japan.


2003. 7 ~ 2003. 8

Chevening Scholar, collaborating  on fiber lasers,

Optoelectonics Research Center, University of Southampton, UK.


2003. 1 ~ 2003. 2

Visiting Professor, collaborating on fiber devices Institute of Electro-Optic,

Engineering, National Chia Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, REpublic of China.


2002. 7 ~ 2002. 8

Visiting Scientist, doing research on hollow optical fiber,

Fiber Optic Material Research Program, Rutgers University, NJ, USA.


2000. 9 ~ 2002. 2

Visiting Scientist and Consultant, doing research on specialty fibers

Optical Fiber Research Department, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ, USA.


2001. 1 ~ 2003. 6

Consultant, Optical Components,

Samyang Corpration, South Korea.


1996 ~ 1998

Consultant, Specialty optical fiber,

Samsung Electronics, South Korea.


1998. 7 ~ 1998. 8

Visiting Assistant Professor of Research,

Division of Engineering, Brown University, RT, USA.


1996. 3 ~ 2000. 9

Assistant professor,

Department of information and communications, GIST, South Korea.


1994.10 ~ 1996. 2

Senior researcher,

Fiber and optical communication research center, LG Cable (a former joint venture of AT&T), South Korea.


1994. 6 ~ 1994. 9

Post-doctoral research associate,

Laboratory for lightwave technology, Brown University, USA.


1991. 6 ~ 1994. 5

Research assistant,

Laboratory for Lightwave Technology, Brown University, USA.


1989. 9 ~ 1991. 5

Teaching Assistant,

Physics Department, Brown University, USA.


1988. 8 ~ 1989. 2

Second Lieutenant,

Korean Army, South Korea.


1986. 3 ~ 1988. 2

Teaching Assistant,

Department of Physics, Seoul National University, South Korea.



Editorial Experiences









Topical Editor

Optics Letters



Associate Editor

Optical Fiber Technology



Editional Board Member

Optics Communications



Executive Editor

Current Applied Physics, Elsevier



Topical Editor

Jounal of the Korean Physical Society




Awards & Honors









OSA Fellow, Optical Society of America Annual Meeting, USA, 2013.


Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, Germany, 2004.


Chevening Scholar, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK, 2003.


JSPS Invitation Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan, 2003.


Achievement award, Minister of Science and Technology, South Korea, 2003.


Sudang Fellow, Sudang Foundation Scholarship, Korea, 2002.


Excellence award for research, GIST, South Korea, 2000.


Marquis Whos Who in Science and Engineering, USA, 2003-2004, 2005-2006.


Marquis Whos Who in the World, USA, 1999- 2000, 2005-2006.


International Educator of the year, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2004.


International Scientist of the year, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2003, 2004


Excellecne Award for large Preform Process Development, LG Cable, South Korea, 1995.


The Korean Honor Scholarship, Korean Embassy in US, South Korea, 1991.


The Korean Government Scholarship, Korean Ministry of Education, South Korea, 1989.


The Korean Government Scholarship, Korean Ministry of Education, South Korea, 1989.


Cum Laude, Seoul National University, South Korea, 1986.



Research Interests









Novel photonic waveguides for photon manipulation



Design and fabrication of optical fiber devices and components  optical amplifiers, lasers, filters, couplers and switches.



Development of novel photonic material and processing technology


Micro display device using optical waveguide



Color synthesis using four port waveguide optical combiner



Hybrid polymer-fiber lens system for beam forming and steering


Photon-matter interaction in sub wavelength scale



Optical trapping and levitation of nano/meso scale particles using novel waveguides



Light confinement in metal-dielectric interface for near field optics



Major Achievements









Development of hollow optical fiber technology for novel photonic device applications



A unique design of a hollow fiber with a ring core has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated, for the first time, which could find various optical applications such as mode converters, dispersion compensators, tunable filters, and novel fiber lasers. Three invited talks have been given for HOF applications in international conferences, such as annual meetings of OSA, IEEE-LEOS, and OFS, Invited paper was published in OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Feb. 2005. Patents filed.


Initiation of micro optical waveguide (MOW) on micro actuating platform (MAP) technology



Novel tenability in micro optical waveguide systems has been realized, for the first time, in fiber couplers mounted on micro actuating platform. Utilizing acousto-optic, elasto-optic effects, versatile tuning mechanism has been invented to realized to result in flexible control of optical power splitting, wavelength selectivity, and polarization extinction. Invited paper was published in OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Feb.2005. Patents filed.


Hybrid Polymer-silica fiber image processing system



Micro-and sub/micron scale control of the radius of curvature of a liquid polymer surface was achieved on the silica fiber tip, for the first time. Various optical image processing elements, such as diffractive elements, collimator, and tight beam focusing elements were fabricated using the technology. Surface relief grating on azo-polymer showed two dimensional diffractive elements on the fiber ends. Hybrid polymer-fiber lens systems were successfully applied in high density opto-electronic packaging.


Waveguide based color image optical engine



Full color synthesis was achieved using a multi-port fiber optic combiner and SMD type LEDs, for the first time. Red, green, and blue LEDs was efficiently coupled to hard plastic clad fiber coupler and the output covered the entire CIE 1931 Chromaticity diagram. Integrated optical engine in conjunction with MEMS ships could open a new avenue of imaging optical engine for micro-projection display.


Initiation of research on synthesis of radiative transition cross section of rare earth ions in novel optical waveguides



Controllable and built-in filtering functions were demonstrated in Er doped fiber amplifiers, for the first time, by proposing a Sm doped inner cladding ring. The concept of evanescent wave interaction between the emission from the core and the absorption at the cladding ring could provide inherent methods to synthesize gain spectra, opening applications in gain flattening, gain shaping, for both optical amplifiers and lasers. The fiber laser project was funded by Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD), Air Force, USA, as a first Korean researcher.

Patents filed.


Development of doping process for active fiber devices, and fiber laser sources



Various techniques have been developed in order to dope novel material for applications in nonlinear fiber devices. Development of long wavelength silica fiber laser based Er-Tm energy transfer was, for the first time, achieved opening applications in compact LIDAR and gas sensors. Er-Tm ASE source was developed for broadband applications. Athermal EDFA and high temperature operating fiber gratings have been invented using this technique. Two US patents have been filed along with collaborators in Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies.



Invited papers in Journals









K. Oh, U.C. Ryu, S. T. Kim, and U.C. Paek, Spectral control of optical gain in a rare earth doped optical fiber using a novel inner cladding structure, Optical Fiber Technology: Materials, Device, and Systems, Elsevier, vol. 12, No.4, pp.297-304, October, 2006.

K. Oh
, S. Choi, Y. Jung, and Jhang. W. Lee, Novel hollow optical fibers and their applications in photonic devices for optical communications, OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technologies, vol. 23, no.2, pp.524-532, Feb. 2005.


K. Oh, W. Shin, Y. S. Jeong, Jhang W. Lee, Development of micro-optical waveguide on micro-actuating platform technologies for reconfigurable optical networking, OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technologies, vol. 23, no.2, pp. 533-532, Feb. 2005.


H. S. Seo, K. Oh, and U. C. Paek, Gain optimization of germanosilicate fiber Raman amplifier and its application in compensation of Raman-induced crosstalk, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, vol. 37, no. 9, pp.1110-1116, 2001.



Plenary talk in conferences








   Fiber Optics: Its potential in emerging sciences
     K. Oh
, Annual winter meeting of the Optical Society of Korea, Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, Korea, Feb, 9, 2012

Invited papers in International conferences









K. Oh, Control of acoustic responses in optical fibers, invited paper, Workshop for special fibres and components for photonic sensing, International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensor(OFS-17), May 23-27,  2005, Bruges, Belgium.


K. Oh, Emission cross-scetion synthesis in rare earth doped optical fiber, Invited paper, OSA Topical Meetings on Optical Amplifiers and their Applications (OAA), August 7-10, 2005, Budapest, Hungary.


Y. Im, K. Oh, B. Wang, and D. DiGiovanni, Athermal L-band optical gain block using Sb-doped EDF, Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics (CLEO 2004), paper CTuK3, May 16-2, 2004, San Francisco, CA, USA.


K. Oh, Hollow core fiber devices, 9th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, and 3rd International Conference on Optical Internet (OECC/COIN 2004), paper 9D2-1, July 12-16, organized by IEICE, IEEE, OSA, SPIE, Pacifico Yokoham, Yokoham, Japan.


K. Oh, S. Choi, W. Shin, and U. C. Paek, Solid Mechanics, Acoustics, and Light Propagation, -Hollow core fibers and their applications in photonic devices," The sixteenth International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensor (OFS-16), paper Fr2-2, organized by IEICE, JSAP,IEEJ, and SICE, October 13-17, 2003, Noh-Drama Theater, Nara, Japan.


K. Oh, S. Choi, W. Shin, Hollow core fibers and their applications in optical communications, Frontiers in Optics, 87th OSA Annual Meeting, symposium on fiber based novel photonic devices, paper WX1,Tuscon Convention Center, Organized by OSA and APS-Division of Laser Science, October 5-9, 2003, Tuscon,Arizona, USA.


K. Oh, S. Choi, W. Shin Applications of hollow core optical fiber, Fiber and Planar Waveguide sub-committee, IEEE-Laser and Electro Optics Society (LEOS) 2003 Annual Meeting, paper ThP4, October 26-30, 2003, Tuscon, Arizona, USA.


K. Oh, Compositional effects of doping materials on optical fiber amplifiers, 7th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, (OECC 2002), paper 9D2-1, organized by IEICE, IEEE, OSA, SPIE, July 8-12, 2002, Pacifico Yokoham, Yokoham, Japan.


K. Oh, Reconfigurable fiber directive coupling devices and their applications in optical components, Asia Pacific Optical & Wireless Communications (APOC2002), paper 4906-93, organized by SPIE, Chinese Optical Society, China Institute of Communications, October, 13-18, 2002, Shanghai, China


K. Oh, Structured cladding opticalfibers for photonic devices, Photonics Conference, organized by Optical Society of Korea, paper F1D1, 2001, South Korea


K. Oh, Waveguide dispersion of clad modes and its effects on the spectra of long period fiber gratings, Conference on Optoelectronics and Optical Communications, paper FC3-2, 1999.  South Korea












Nanoscale structuring of DNA and its applications in micro-optoelectronic devices
  Kyungwhan Oh, Editor, in preparation for publication in 2017, Pan Stanford Publishing




Silica Optical Fiber Technology for Devices and Components: Design, Fabrication, and International Standards

 Kyunghwan Oh, Un-chul Paek, Wiley Series in Microwave & Optical Engineering (ISBN:978-0-471-45558-5), February 2012
  The first Korean author in the prestigious applied optics series

Micro/nano scale phase front inscription on polymer thin layer for flexible beam shaping. Chapter 14, Polymer Thin Films
  Junki Kim and K. Oh, edited by Abbass A. Hashim, Sciyo (ISBN 978-953-307-059-9), April 2010












Project leader in Ultra-fast Fiber Optic Network Research Center (UFON), an engineering research center(ERC) supported by Korean Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF)


Project leader in Millimeter Wave over Optical Fiber Research Center, an information technology research center(ITRC) supported by Korean Ministry of Information and Communication


Joint Researcher in Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI), An institute dedicated to photonics research, funded by Ministry of Commerce, Industry, & Energy, Korea